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 People in the wider Cityside Community with skills to offer:


-          Mike Reeves-McMillan


Phone 817  8187

Mobile: 021 160 6953


Hypnotherapy is a safe, effective way of using your mind's own resources to change your responses to stress, overcome habits and phobias and deal with emotional issues from the past.


Massage Therapy:

-          Richard Conyngham


Mobile: 021 230 2333

A mobile Massage service ideal for healthy bodies adjusting to new forms of exercise or training and competition . Even suffering after some hard physical work ! An hours session is $60



Spiritual Direction:

-          Jeannie Cochrane


Phone: 09-834-4937

Mobile: 021-172-0672


Spiritual Mentoring:


-          Andrew Rockell

Coaching in Spiritual Practice:

Centering Prayer; Enneagram;   

Mindfulness; Meditation for spiritual exploration, self-development,

stress-reduction, pain-relief.


Phone: 09- 638-4329

Mobile: 0210 – 262 - 9039
Vocational / Professional Development:

-          Natasha Hofmans (Professional Supervisor/ Mentor)


Ph: (09) 5798678

Mob: 021-234-3054