Regular not-on-Sunday Groups

This group is to help primary-aged Cityside kids get to know each other better by giving them some active social hang-out events with each other, such as games afternoons, volcano or bush walks, pool parties, ice-skating, sand castle competitions… anything fun and interactive!
If you’ve got ideas for events or would like to host or facilitate something like a pool party or kayaking adventure alongside the new Kinetic leader, please let us know.


Social and connection events for Year 6 and older, usually meeting on Fridays fortnightly (about four times a term), based at Cityside. The focus age group is adolescence, Years 7-10, but the edges are open to Year 6s and older teens who would like to be involved in an intergenerational relationship building, mentoring role.

Connect is a facilitated opportunity to connect with peers in a social setting, to invite non-Cityside friends to in order to bridge the divide between our young people’s Cityside and school communities, and to weave in a ‘contemplative-lite’ shared prayer practice together to promote connection to God. Older teens are invited to be participants or to take on roles that give them opportunities to act both as older peers and mentors.

If you’ve got great ideas or would like to host an event, we would love to hear from you.


Sometimes it can seem like the things in everyday life are quite separate from the things we explore on Sundays at church. The word fusion means joining things that are separate so that they become one. 

Fusion is a mid-week connection, mentoring and support group for older teenagers and twenty-somethings, based at Cityside. Usually on Thursdays. Exploring the intersection between life and faith, and practices to accompany spiritual formation. This group is aimed at those in Year 12 and older, but 15 year olds who feel ready are also very welcome.