Children and Youth Safety Management Overview


Children and Youth

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Children and Youth - Overview of Group Organisation

Supervision of Children and Youth Policy

Toileting Guidelines

Children and Youth Information & Attendance Records Policy

Supporting Children and Youth With High Needs Policy

Child and Youth Protection Policy

Responding To and Reporting Suspected Abuse or Concerns About Well-Being Policy


Associated Forms and Templates

Child, Youth and Family Info Form/Media Permission

Sign In Sheet for Newcomers and Visitors for Sunday Morning Groups

Cityside Children and Youth Event Sign In Sheet

Sign In Sheet for Under 14s at a General Cityside Event

Info form and Media Permission for Connect

Agencies That Offer Support to Children, Youth and Families

Referral Information to Kari Centre, Marinoto North and West, and Whirinaki Child and Youth Mental Health Services

Child, Youth and Family (CYF) Referral Information


Adults Working With Cityside Children and Youth

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Children and Youth Leaders Appointment, Supervision and Protection Policy

Children and Youth Role Descriptions

Guidelines for Children and Youth Leaders and Helpers

Xplorer Safety Notes – a summary for teenage leaders working with Under 5s

Behavioural Management Guidelines

Guidelines for Pastoral Care and Communication With Children and Youth


Environment and Equipment Management

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Children and Youth Transportation Policy

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Accident and Incident Reporting Procedures

Equipment Safety Guidelines

CyberSmart Guidelines


Overarching Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Use of Risk Analysis and Management (RAMs) Policy

Policy Sharing and Review Procedures


Associated Forms and Templates

Risk Analysis and Management (RAMs) Form