Cityside Bookings Page

Welcome to our Bookings page! It's needing a bit of work, but it is functional at the moment (feedback welcome!).


Our facilities are available for hire but we have put together the chart below to indicate likelihood of availability. Here's how it works:

  1. The Purple Blocks: Sunday and Wednesday evening are reserved for Cityside's use (with another weekly meeting in the Meeting Room on Thursdays). If a Citysider wants to organise a recurring activity (like a small group or class over a number of weeks) we encourage you to use the purple times. (From time to time, we may accept a booking for someone else if we feel it aligns with our core values but this remains at our discretion).
  2. The Blue Blocks: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings are reserved for our Booking Agent to prioritise. These blocks don't exclude Cityisders, it just means that these nights don't have the same likelihood of availability as the purple blocks as the Agent will use blue blocks for recurring bookings.
  3. The Green Blocks: These are available for anyone—including Citysiders—to book two weeks in advance on a "first in first served" basis. 

Process for everyone who wants to book our facilities:

  1. Check the calendar below to see if your spot is available—we need two weeks notice please.
  2. Book by either filling in this  form here  or by emailing 
  3. We will get back to you shortly to confirm! 

(Citysiders need to use this system too please!)

Key for calendar spaces:

  Auditorium   Hall   Meeting Room   Chapel   Band Space


Booking Form